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Mold Design Checklist


The following is a good checklist for reviewing Mold Drawings

Preliminary Drawing Checklist Items:

General layout

“A” side plan

“B” side plan

Front Section

Side Section

Title block is completely filled out on all drawings

Abbreviated BOM with ordering information for the Mold Base and primary Steels

Cavity Location

Parting line locations (Acceptable to customer)

Ejector Pin Layout (Acceptable to customer)

Waterline Layout

Balanced Runner layout

Gate type, and size specified

Side Action types & locations are shown

Concept of Tool operation

“O”  & “R” Dimensions noted

Note “Top of mold” & “Operator Side”

Will the tool fit in the correct press size

Knock out Locations

Support pillar layout

*  Typically, approval of the Preliminary designs approves our design concept.  Customer approval means that we can proceed with the Final Designs, that we can order the necessary materials, and that we can begin rough machining of material.  Sometimes, especially on “rush” jobs, customers approve finish machining based on the preliminary design.

Final Drawing Checklist Items:

All Preliminary Mold Drawings Requirements completed

Full Bill of Materials, Base Information, stamping notes, ejector information, special notes

Detailed views of every non-standard component.

Enough views, sections, iso views exist to adequately show part detail

All details are labeled with the detail number, name, material type, number required, Hardness, and surface finish.

Check All water lines for interference, including clearance for jiffy-plugs

Check Guide Pin length and clearance

Spring loads calculated & checked

Drawings appear to be adequately dimensioned

Critical Dimensions are noted

All “fit” areas are specified for each insert, side action, and core.

All draft is specified for cavity area, core pins, ribs, etc.

Check all side action angles and travel

Check for bad steel conditions (sharp edges, thin sections, too little shutoff, too little angle)

A & B Plan assembly views have been compared

All details from the assembly and plan views have been compared to the detail sheets.

All surface finishes are specified

Drawings are checked to the “Mold Info Sheet”.

*  Typically, by approving the Final designs the customer certifies that the drawings are dimensionally accurate, that critical areas have been noted, and that we can proceed with final machining, fit, and finishing.

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